Thoughts on the Coronavirus, Healthy Living, and Books of Course

Everyone is talking about the coronavirus and I’m sitting here thinking yeah, it’s spreading fast, but also the flu has had far more fatalities and yeah we will likely have a vaccine for it within a year or so, but how many people will really get the vaccine anyways? I got my first flu shot in years this past fall, and I’m pretty sure few people in my family got one, if that says anything about your every day American. I know that at this point, it’s this thing that we don’t really have enough information about and that’s scary. I also can’t read about it or watch too many news clips on it without getting in my head and freaking out, so there’s that too. Anyways, it turns out this coronavirus (now the Covid19), might be messing up my trip to Morocco. There is speculation that the trip may be cancelled or postponed. I’m worried that if I go, I may end up getting stuck outside of the country, unable to return. I’m also worried that if I don’t go, I may not ever go, because I’m hoping that I get a pregnant soon (which would be a good reason not to go). I’m just praying that everything works out the way God intends it to (which it will), so I guess my prayer really is to surrender my worry. Hmmm, there’s probably a lot of things I can stop worrying about…

Aside from stressing out about several things outside of my control, I have tried to gain control of my health. I went to a dietician last week, and learned a lot about my body and myself. I’ve always been obsessed with calorie counting, and my weight has always been a struggle. While I typically eat healthy and work out, I often skip meals, and when I have cheat days, they are really bad cheat days. Portion control is not my friend. Long story short, I’ve implemented healthy new routines into my lifestyle and have decided to ditch the scale (ditching the scale to an extent, that is). I also have pushed myself physically. I’ve always taken my dog on super long walks, and sometimes I get a lengthy run in, in the middle of those walks, but only recently have I been able to run 5+ miles consecutively without stopping. And I’ve since done it multiple times! So that’s going well.

There are a lot of things going well, really. I’m ridiculously in love with my husband, we are working hard to get out of debt, and I’m excited about future job prospects that could propel my career. All good things. I’ll choose gratitude and everything else, I’ll just give to God.

So that’s a little taste of what’s been going on between my binding, now let’s talk about the things going on between the binding of the books I’ve read recently.

Book of the Month came out with their February books and The Girl With the Louding Voice was one of them. I sampled it, and I knew it would be a struggle to physically read due to the heavy dialect in which it’s written. I opted to enjoy it via audiobook. The Girl With the Louding Voice was about a 15 year old who is married off without her asking, when all she really wants is to be educated and to find her louding voice. This book was highly encouraging for women and shows how far hope will take you. I did enjoy the book and what it aimed to do, but ultimately I found the main character to be naive and a little annoying. It seems that just about everyone who has read this book has fallen in love with it, but that just didn’t happen for me. I think I may have had higher hopes for it. For me it was just ok. 3/5

Things You Save in a Fire is my favorite read of the year so far. This book focuses on a female fire fighter who has sworn off love. Through various outside events, she ends up taking a job at a fire station near her mother who she has a shaky relationship with and if this plot doesn’t sound like a Nora Ephron movie plot, then I don’t know what does. I think I needed something light and fun, which this was, but it also included some heavy topics. What I loved about this book is that it navigated these topics with respect and boldness, yet it didn’t bring down the mood of the novel. I also fell in love with the main character. Reading this book felt like watching a good romantic comedy from the 80s or early 90s. I loved the feel of it. It also had a great message of feminism. Some aspects of the plot moved a little too quick, but all in all, I loved this book. 4.5/5

I read The Wives in one sitting. Talk about a book with twists and turns! This book didn’t stop until the very last line! I don’t want to say anything about the plot for fear of giving something away, so I’ll just leave that for you, reader, to look up. Throughout the first quarter of the book, I kept thinking, this is not believable. Eventually, I just got out of my head and enjoyed the entertainment of it. It turned out to all make sense in the end, but some of the twists gave me whiplash! If you’re seeking a quick thriller/mystery, I’d definitely recommend this one. It’s no pullitzer prize, but it definitely was entertaining! 4/5

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, but am I? Geez, this book really got me in the feels. This novel focuses on a 30 year old woman who has had her fair share of trauma, but has never properly dealt with it. She’s a bit reclusive until an event pulls her out of her shell. I’ve heard Eleanor described as funny, but I don’t think I would refer to her as such. She was tragically quirky and I fell in love with her, but funny isn’t the adjective I’d go with. Her friend Raymond was just as likable as the lovable goof who helped free her from her emotional strife. I really liked this book. The plot didn’t really propel my reading, but the characters did. My initial thought is this book was a 4/5 for me, but the more distance I have from the book, the more it sticks with me.

That’s all for now! Stay safe out there and happy reading!


Writer, reader, traveler, singer, painter, life-long learner, chef, foodie, and lover of all things good in life. My husband and two dogs bring me joy. So does red wine and good coffee. My works have been published in HelloGiggles, Thought Catalogue, Elite Daily, and most notably, Atticus Review

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