It’s 6:00 a.m. and it’s raining

It’s 6:00 a.m. on a Saturday and it’s raining. The dogs are restless. I can’t sleep. What better time to create that blog I’ve been talking about! I’ve been in a reading mood lately. I go through phases. I read at least one book a month, but some months I devour books. In the past 25 days, I’ve read 15 books. Granted, I was on Christmas break for some of those days and had the time to actually sit down and read. It didn’t hurt that I kept picking up four and five star reads. My adrenaline would pump with each flip of the page, because I couldn’t read fast enough. A slight flutter of the chest propelled me as the characters and their actions pulled me deeper in. And I came to this conclusion: I can’t keep it to myself.

I’ve been working on a novel of my own for a few years now. Well, I should say, I have a novel that I have previously worked on and want desperately to finish, but have not actually been working on it for about two years. At one point in my life, I was being paid to write personal essays and had poems and other articles published. I would like to think I’m a writer, but in complete honesty, I haven’t been doing the work. I read once that “good writers read,” so for the past two years I’ve been telling myself that, while I may not be writing at the moment, reading is part of the craft. Which, of course, I believe, but I also think I’ve been using that saying as a cop out. There is no reason why I could not read and write at the same time. Well, not physically at the same time, but you get the gist. I need to write.

So how about both? How about I read, and then write about it? Maybe it will push me to do some additional writing along the way. Because really, how many of us make excuses for our dreams? How many of us have great dreams, that risk never being fully realized due to our own self-invented road blocks? I can’t be the only one, right? RIGHT?!?! I’m tired of excuses.

I’ve created this blog so that I can share some thoughts on the books I read and hopefully provide some great recommendations for other readers out there. But this blog won’t solely be about books. Sometimes it will be about life. The life of a book takes place between the binding. In a way, our lives exist between binding, too, even though sometimes it can feel like there is nothing keeping us together.

It’s also a gentle nudge to get me writing again.


Writer, reader, traveler, singer, painter, life-long learner, chef, foodie, and lover of all things good in life. My husband and two dogs bring me joy. So does red wine and good coffee. My works have been published in HelloGiggles, Thought Catalogue, Elite Daily, and most notably, Atticus Review

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